Immunobiological properties of a recombinant simian retro virus-1 envelope protein and a neutralizing monoclonal antibody directed against it

Linda L. Werner, Jose V Torres, Cherry Y. Leung, Hwei Sing Kwang, Arthur Malley, Eli Benjamini

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We previously reported that an area encompassing amino acids 147-162 of the envelope region of the simian (type D) retrovirus serotype 1 (SRV-1) constitutes an antigenic site for the binding of murine and rhesus neutralizing antibodies. Neutralizing antibodies to SRV-2 are directed to a different area, encompassing residues 96-102 of SRV-2. This paper presents data on the activity of an SRV-1 recombinant envelope protein (rEP) and of monoclonal hybridoma cell line, C11B8, produced from murine spleen cells immunized with SRV-1 rEP. Purified monoclonal antibodies from C11B8 bind to the SRV-1 rEP and to both SRV-1 and SRV-2. However, the monoclonal antibody exhibits strain specificity in the capacity to neutralize SRV-1 infection in vitro. Thus, C11B8 neutralizes SRV-1 infection but fails to neutralize four other known serotypes of the virus. C11B8 also binds to an SRV-1 synthetic peptide representing residues 142-167, which encompasses the previously defined antigenic site of recognition for neutralizing antibodies to SRV-1. This paper also contains evidence that the SRV-1 rEP construct binds the site for SRV-1 attachment to the cell receptor. This is indicated by the ability of SRV-1 rEP to compete with SRV-1 (but not with SRV-2) and inhibit its infectivity in vitro. In addition, SRV-1 rEP inhibits the neutralizing activity of C11B8 against SRV-1 infection in vitro. SRV-1 rEP has no inhibitory effect on rhesus neutralizing antibodies to SRV-2. Taken together, the above findings indicate that immunity conferred at the level of neutralizing antibodies during SRV infection is strain-specific and involves the recognition of envelope sequences unique to each strain.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)819-826
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JournalMolecular Immunology
Issue number8
StatePublished - 1991


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