Gonadal hormones and sexual reflexes in the female rat

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Spayed female rats were studied, following spinal transaction, for their ability to display a postural reaction resembling the lordosis response of sexually receptive females. Stimuli consisted of manual palpation in the flank region as well as mounting by a male rat. Seven out of nine subjects in one experiment and six out of seven subjects in another experiment showed a response resembling lordosis to either or both types of stimulation at least once during several tests. However, the response could be evoked only infrequently in all subjects. Under conditions of no hormone, estrogen alone and estrogen plus progesterone, the frequency of the response did not significantly vary. The results suggest that gonadal hormones do not influence sexual responses mediated at the spinal level in female rats.

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JournalHormones and Behavior
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1969

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