Genome sequence of the phylogenetically isolated spirochete Leptonema illini type strain (3055T)

Marcel Huntemann, Erko Stackebrandt, Brittany Held, Matt Nolan, Susan Lucas, Nancy Hammon, Shweta Deshpande, Jan Fang Cheng, Roxanne Tapia, Lynne A. Goodwin, Sam Pitluck, Konstantinos Liolios, Ioanna Pagani, Natalia Ivanova, Konstantinos Mavromatis, Natalia Mikhailova, Amrita Pati, Amy Chen, Krishna Palaniappan, Miriam LandManfred Rohde, Sabine Gronow, Markus Göker, John C. Detter, James Bristow, Jonathan A Eisen, Victor Markowitz, Tanja Woyke, Philip Hugenholtz, Nikos C. Kyrpides, Hans Peter Klenk, Alla Lapidus

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Leptonema illini Hovind-Hougen 1979 is the type species of the genus Leptonema, family Leptospiraceae, phylum Spirochaetes. Organisms of this family have a Gramnegativelike cell envelope consisting of a cytoplasmic membrane and an outer membrane. The peptidoglycan layer is associated with the cytoplasmic rather than the outer membrane. The two flagella of members of Leptospiraceae extend from the cytoplasmic membrane at the ends of the bacteria into the periplasmic space and are necessary for their motility. Here we describe the features of the L. illini type strain, together with the complete genome sequence, and annotation. This is the first genome sequence (finished at the level of Improved High Quality Draft) to be reported from of a member of the genus Leptonema and a representative of the third genus of the family Leptospiraceae for which complete or draft genome sequences are now available. The three scaffolds of the 4,522,760 bp draft genome sequence reported here, and its 4,230 proteincoding and 47 RNA genes are part of the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)177-187
Number of pages11
JournalStandards in Genomic Sciences
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2013


  • Aerobic
  • Axial flagella
  • Chemoorganotrophic
  • Cytoplasmatic tubules
  • Flexible
  • GEBA
  • Gramnegative
  • Leptospiraceae
  • Motile
  • Nonsporulating

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