Final general discussion

Donald Pfaff, D. Caroline Blanchard, Berend Olivier, Robert J. Blanchard, Björn Brembs, Manuela Martinez, Stephen Suomi, Ian Craig, Stephen Manuck, Robert Hinde, Robin Lovell-Badge, Catherine Dulac, Randy Nelson, Craig Ferris, Klaus Peter Lesch, Edward S. Brodkin, Barry Keverne, Diane M. Robins, Brian Trainor

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationNovartis Foundation Symposium
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2005
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NameNovartis Foundation Symposium
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Pfaff, D., Blanchard, D. C., Olivier, B., Blanchard, R. J., Brembs, B., Martinez, M., ... Trainor, B. (2005). Final general discussion. In Novartis Foundation Symposium (Vol. 268, pp. 242-253). (Novartis Foundation Symposium; Vol. 268).

Final general discussion. / Pfaff, Donald; Blanchard, D. Caroline; Olivier, Berend; Blanchard, Robert J.; Brembs, Björn; Martinez, Manuela; Suomi, Stephen; Craig, Ian; Manuck, Stephen; Hinde, Robert; Lovell-Badge, Robin; Dulac, Catherine; Nelson, Randy; Ferris, Craig; Lesch, Klaus Peter; Brodkin, Edward S.; Keverne, Barry; Robins, Diane M.; Trainor, Brian.

Novartis Foundation Symposium. Vol. 268 2005. p. 242-253 (Novartis Foundation Symposium; Vol. 268).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

Pfaff, D, Blanchard, DC, Olivier, B, Blanchard, RJ, Brembs, B, Martinez, M, Suomi, S, Craig, I, Manuck, S, Hinde, R, Lovell-Badge, R, Dulac, C, Nelson, R, Ferris, C, Lesch, KP, Brodkin, ES, Keverne, B, Robins, DM & Trainor, B 2005, Final general discussion. in Novartis Foundation Symposium. vol. 268, Novartis Foundation Symposium, vol. 268, pp. 242-253.
Pfaff D, Blanchard DC, Olivier B, Blanchard RJ, Brembs B, Martinez M et al. Final general discussion. In Novartis Foundation Symposium. Vol. 268. 2005. p. 242-253. (Novartis Foundation Symposium).
Pfaff, Donald ; Blanchard, D. Caroline ; Olivier, Berend ; Blanchard, Robert J. ; Brembs, Björn ; Martinez, Manuela ; Suomi, Stephen ; Craig, Ian ; Manuck, Stephen ; Hinde, Robert ; Lovell-Badge, Robin ; Dulac, Catherine ; Nelson, Randy ; Ferris, Craig ; Lesch, Klaus Peter ; Brodkin, Edward S. ; Keverne, Barry ; Robins, Diane M. ; Trainor, Brian. / Final general discussion. Novartis Foundation Symposium. Vol. 268 2005. pp. 242-253 (Novartis Foundation Symposium).
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T1 - Final general discussion

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AU - Lesch, Klaus Peter

AU - Brodkin, Edward S.

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PY - 2005

Y1 - 2005

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M3 - Conference contribution

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SN - 9780470010686

VL - 268

T3 - Novartis Foundation Symposium

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EP - 253

BT - Novartis Foundation Symposium

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