Factors influencing women's satisfaction with surgical abortion

Candice Tilles, Ashleigh Denny, Catherine D Cansino, Mitchell D Creinin

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Objective Investigate which specific factors of abortion-related healthcare influence the overall satisfaction of women undergoing surgical abortion. Study Design Between May and December 2014, we invited women undergoing first-trimester surgical abortion without sedation at six Northern California reproductive health clinics from two clinic systems (four clinics in System A and two clinics in System B) to complete an anonymous survey in the recovery room. The survey obtained demographic information and inquired about the women's level of satisfaction with different aspects of care (very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not satisfied or dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied). The survey asked women to rank the three most important factors that contributed to their level of satisfaction. We analyzed the results using univariate and descriptive analyses to assess trends in responses related to level of satisfaction based on demographic and other variables. Results A high percentage of women were very satisfied with their overall experience in both systems (A=79%, B=84%, p=0.34). Only 2% of women in System A and 1% in System B responded that they were neutral or not satisfied. The top three aspects of care ranked as most important were the same from both systems: ability to get an appointment in a timely manner, courtesy of staff and being informed as much as they wanted to know. Women were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with these features of their care within both systems. Conclusion Women are generally very satisfied by the first-trimester surgical abortion care they receive in different clinics. Although each clinic and system provides unique care, the factors contributing to women's level of satisfaction are consistent. Implications Statement The most important factors that contribute to women's satisfaction with their first-trimester surgical abortion experience include the ability to get an appointment quickly, courtesy of the staff and being provided with information and responses to their questions.

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StatePublished - Feb 1 2016


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  • Timeliness

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