Expression of non-secreted form juvenile hormone esterase in baculovirus

Kiyoko Taniai, Bruce D. Hammock

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Juvenile hormone esterase (JHK) regulates inset t molting and meiamoiphosiby hydrolysis of (he juvénile hormone Mil). Since disappearance of the ,lli in 1 lie hmnolymph by .HIK result in H depression of insect feeding, t hi-, en/> me is ,\ "real t andidate for an in sec t ici da! agent. Om ,11 tempt to express ,] H K in bar tdovirus was successful in producing high le\e] oi en/yme but the secreted JHK was rapidly eliminated from hemolymph and degraded by peril ardiai cells. In order to produre more stable enzyme, we expressed JHK as a non-secreted cv to-olic form in bac iilnvirus. The signal sequence was removed trom .1111- gene by PCH method and expressed in AcMNPY in SFlM or TN-:!(iN cells, '['he protein production was monitored by the enJ.vine assay and Western blot analysis everyday during four days after infection. Western blot analysis showed that the proteins accumulated without degradation during the Run da\s and the amounts were almost equal with lhat oi wild tvpe JHK whi< li remained in relK. However, the peak activity \vi1h modified .IIIK in rX-:S cells at .t day post infection was extremely low (IS,") pino/min'ml) at in lomparKon with t hat of t he wild type JHK ( !2 n mol /mi n /ml ). F he cytosolic ,1H K u as partially purified by affinity chromatography procedure UM rig ! riflnoromet liyl ketone a a ligand. I he deglvcosylation experiment ot the purified protein showed that the cytosolic JHK was not modified with X linked glyran chain. The specific activity ol the enzyme was equal with wild tvpe JHK. I hesr results indicate that only a tew parcent of expressed JHK in c\tosol have eu/yme acti\ii>.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1997

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