Evaluation du risque infectieux pour les carnivores domestique en provenance d'Amérique du Nord

Translated title of the contribution: Evalutation of the risk for infection of domestic carnivores that return from North America

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Following a trip to or after staying for a defined period in North America, pets going or returning to Europe are very unlikely to develop infectious or parasitic diseases which are not already endemic to Europe. However, that risk is not totally absent. Several infections or infestations are found only in North America, such as salmon poisoning or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. French practioners may not be familiar with clinical symptoms associated to these diseases (i.e. pneumonic plague in cats), and need to include these infections in their differential diagnosis for pets coming back from North-America.

Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)709-715
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JournalPoint Veterinaire
Issue number193
StatePublished - 1998



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