Evaluation of per-procedure equipment costs in an outpatient endoscopy center

Shiro Urayama, R. Kozarek, S. Raltz

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Background: As disposable endoscopes become available, we need baseline costs associated with reusable instruments to make financially intelligent choices. Accordingly, we analyzed the per-use cost of several types of gastrointestinal endoscopes at our institution. Methods: Records of 44 gastrointestinal endoscopes were analyzed. Data defined included purchase price, repair and cleaning expense (labor and materials), and number of uses. The labor cost per-use associated with endoscope cleaning was estimated by taking an average time required to clean an endoscope multiplied by the technician's salary. Results: The average number of years of endoscope use varied from 4.6 to 6.9 years contingent on the type of endoscope. For flexible sigmoidoscopes, the average total cost per use was $8.35, and for colonoscopes the cost was $21.81. For gastroscopes and diagnostic and therapeutic duodenoscopes, costs were $20.99, $49.15, and $45.16, respectively. Conclusions: (1) Excluding costs associated with the procedure itself (admit-recovery, drugs, disposable equipment, and procedural personnel), total peruse scope cost ranged from a low of $8.35 for the flexible sigmoidoscope to $49.15 for the diagnostic duodenoscope. (2) The most important variables associated with per-use endoscope cost included number of uses, initial purchase price, and repair costs. (3) Techniques such as the above can be used to define per-procedure costs for a particular practitioner or institution.

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Number of pages4
JournalGastrointestinal Endoscopy
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1996
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