Evaluation of client perceptions concerning outcome of cataract surgery in dogs

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Objective - To compare client perception of outcome of phacoemulsification in dogs with information obtained from medical records. Design - Retrospective cohort study. Animals - 108 dogs (203 eyes) undergoing phacoemulsification from May 1999 through April 2004. Procedure - Data obtained from medical records included signalment, presence of diabetes mellitus, cataract stage, whether surgery was unilateral or bilateral, intraocular lens (IOL) placement, and postoperative complications. Owners completed a survey concerning outcome of phacoemulsification in their dog. Survey responses from owners classified as satisfied or dissatisfied with the outcome of phacoemulsification on the basis of their willingness, in retrospect, to have the surgery performed again were compared. Results - Data from medical records and survey responses were available for 108 dogs (203 eyes). Median follow-up was 3 months via medical record review and 12 months via owner survey responses. Most (81%) owners were satisfied with outcome. The most common reason for dissatisfaction was loss of vision after surgery; however, most dissatisfied owners did not return their dog for examinations. Owner perception of success was not associated with patient age, sex, presence of diabetes mellitus, cataract stage, or IOL placement in at least 1 eye but was associated with perceived improvement of their pet's vision and activity level. Dissatisfied owners were significantly more likely to report that explanation of risks and complications before surgery was inadequate. Conclusions and Clinical Relevance - Owner perception of outcome after phacoemulsification in dogs was highly favorable. However, surgical risks and the importance of postoperative examinations, particularly in dogs undergoing visual deterioration, must be conveyed to clients.

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JournalJournal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
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StatePublished - Mar 15 2006

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