Equine Fluid Therapy

C. Langdon Fielding, K G Magdesian

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Fluid therapy is a cornerstone of emergency medicine and critical care. It is the basis for the treatment of many forms of shock and metabolic derangements. The complex interplay of acid-base, electrolyte, and hemodynamic physiology, at the root of fluid therapy, is what sparked our passion for fluid therapy and initiated the idea of a textbook on this subject matter. The motivation for developing Equine Fluid Therapy came from the realization that much of the basic and clinical research findings on this topic in horses is dispersed in numerous resources. Many of the seminal papers on equine fluid physiology can be difficult to access. Therefore, we strived to compile this information into one practical resource. Equine Fluid Therapy is the end result of this journey, addressing the topics of electrolyte, acid-base, and fluid balance in horses. Our goals for Equine Fluid Therapy are (i) to provide a practical approach to fluid therapy for a variety of medical conditions in horses, and (ii) to provide a reference for specialists in anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine, and emergency/critical care medicine who manage the electrolyte, acid-base, and fluid balance derangements in critically ill horses. Equine Fluid Therapy is organized into three sections: basic physiology, fluid therapy for common equine medical problems, and specialty topics in fluid therapy. It is our hope that the book is useful to practitioners, veterinary students, house officers, and specialists alike.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherWiley Blackwell
Number of pages370
ISBN (Print)9781118928189, 9780470961384
StatePublished - Mar 16 2015

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