Epidural analgesia and previous Caesarean section

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A series of six cases of ruptured uterus occurred following previous lower segment Caesarean section, out of a total of 222 'trials of scar', is presented, and the literature reviewed in an attempt to clarify the term 'relative contra-indication' was applied to this clinical circumstance. The sypmtoms and signs of ruptured uterus likely to be blocked by an epidural, i.e. maternal tachycardia, scar tenderness and continuous lower abdominal pain, have been shown to be either unreliable (tachycardia and tenderness) or frequently not to occur at all (pain). When pain does occur it is not necessarily masked by an epidural. It is concluded that previous lower segment Caesarean section is not a contraindication to epidural analgesia in a subsequent labour provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

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