Effect of partial ureteral obstruction on results of renal scintigraphy in dogs

Paul Y. Barthez, Daniel D. Smeak, Erik R Wisner, Marcie Duffey, Dennis J. Chew, Stephen P. DiBartola

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Objective - To use scintigraphy to determine the effects of partial ureteral obstruction on renal transit time and induction of diuresis in dogs. Animals - 8 adult dogs. Procedure - Scintigraphy was performed, using technetium Tc 99m diethylenetriaminepentacetic acid (Tc 99m-DTPA), before and within 2 weeks after surgical induction of unilateral partial ureteral obstruction. Time of peak (TOP) for the parenchyma (pTOP) and whole kidney (wTOP) and mean-transit time (MTT) for the parenchyma (pMTT) and whole kidney (wMTT) were determined by evaluation of renal time-activity curves before and after deconvolution analysis. Percentage uptake for each kidney between 1 and 3 minutes after injection of Tc 99m-DTPA was determined and used to indicate glomerular filtration rate. The effect of diuresis was determined by measuring the slope of decrease in activity after IV administration of furosemide. Obstruction was documented by direct inspection of the ureter. Results - There was a concomitant increase in pTOP, wTOP, pMTT, and wMTT of the kidney with the partially obstructed ureter in all dogs at various times between 2 and 9 days after surgery. Concurrently, renal time-activity curves changed shape. Percentage renal uptake of the affected kidney was decreased in 2 dogs. Response to furosemide injection was inconsistent for kidneys before surgery and for kidneys with obstructed and nonobstructed ureters after surgery. Conclusions and Clinical Relevance - Scintigraphy may be a useful procedure for the evaluation of renal function in dogs with ureteral obstruction. Induction of diuresis appears to be of little value for differentiating renal function in dogs with obstructed and nonobstructed ureters.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1383-1389
Number of pages7
JournalAmerican Journal of Veterinary Research
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1999
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