Dynamics of insulin hypersecretion by obese Zucker rats

Donald L. Curry, Judith S. Stern

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The relationship between obesity and hypersecretion of insulin by the pancreas was studied. We found that pancreata from obese Zucker rats secrete significantly more insulin than do pancreata from lean Zucker rats. At a glucose stimulation of 300 mg/dL, the overall dynamic biphasic insulin secretory profiles from obese and lean rats were similar. Further studies to investigate the glucose-insulin dose response relationship in obese and lean rat pancreata demonstrated insulin hypersecretion by pancreata from obese rats which was particularly pronounced at normoglycemic and hypoglycemic levels (by factors as much as 14-fold). This hypersecretion is so striking as to suggest that in the intact state the obese animal may lack the ability to readily "shut off" its insulin secretion under normoglycemic conditions, whereas lean animals possess such an ability. Under hypoglycemic conditions (75 mg/dL), the hypersecretion is transient and insulin secretion returns to normal basal levels after 30 minutes of perfusion. Thus the degree to which this hypersecretory phenomenon may occur in vivo remains to be established.

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Number of pages6
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1985

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