“Dose of the day” based on cone beam computed tomography and deformable image registration for lung cancer radiotherapy

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Purpose: Adaptive radiotherapy (ART) has potential to reduce toxicity and facilitate safe dose escalation. Dose calculations with the planning CT deformed to cone beam CT (CBCT) have shown promise for estimating the “dose of the day”. The purpose of this study is to investigate the “dose of the day” calculation accuracy based on CBCT and deformable image registration (DIR) for lung cancer radiotherapy. Methods: A total of 12 lung cancer patients were identified, for which daily CBCT imaging was performed for treatment positioning. A re-planning CT (rCT) was acquired after 20 Gy for all patients. A virtual CT (vCT) was created by deforming initial planning CT (pCT) to the simulated CBCT that was generated from deforming CBCT to rCT acquired on the same day. Treatment beams from the initial plan were copied to the vCT and rCT for dose calculation. Dosimetric agreement between vCT-based and rCT-based accumulated doses was evaluated using the Bland-Altman analysis. Results: Mean differences in dose-volume metrics between vCT and rCT were smaller than 1.5%, and most discrepancies fell within the range of ± 5% for the target volume, lung, esophagus, and heart. For spinal cord Dmax, a large mean difference of −5.55% was observed, which was largely attributed to very limited CBCT image quality (e.g., truncation artifacts). Conclusion: This study demonstrated a reasonable agreement in dose-volume metrics between dose accumulation based on vCT and rCT, with the exception for cases with poor CBCT image quality. These findings suggest potential utility of vCT for providing a reasonable estimate of the “dose of the day”, and thus facilitating the process of ART for lung cancer.

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JournalJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
StateAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2019


  • adaptive radiotherapy
  • CBCT
  • dose of the day
  • virtual CT

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