Definition of mouse chromosome 1 and 3 gene linkage groups that are conserved on human chromosome 1: Evidence that a conserved linkage group spans the centromere of human chromosome 1

Walton S. Moseley, Michael F Seldin

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Comparative mapping between the human and the mouse genomes allows characterization of linkage groups that have been conserved over evolution. In this study, genes previously localized to adjacent regions of human chromosome 1 were mapped to discrete regions on distal mouse chromosomes 1 and 3 using an interspecific cross. Linkage analysis in mouse defined two groups in which the gene order appears to be the same as that in humans: 15 genes localized between human chromosome 1q21 and 1q32 were found to span 29.5 cM on distal mouse chromosome 1;6 genes localized between human chromosome 1q21 and 1p22 spanned 15.6 cM on distal mouse chromosome 3. These data suggest that gene order within large chromosome segments may remain stable over long periods of evolution and that the position of the centromere may reflect a late event in the evolution of higher eukaryotic organisms. These studies provide a model for examination of specific evolutionary events.

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StatePublished - 1989
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