Curating Care: The Design and Feasibility of a Partnership Between an Art Museum and an Academic Pain Center

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This qualitative study describes the design and feasibility of a partnership between an art museum and an academic pain center (Art Rx) to address chronic pain. The research team used semi-structured stakeholder interviews with participating health care providers and museum staff to develop an understanding of the perceived complexity, risk and opportunity associated with the partnership. Results suggest that it is possible to align the missions of both types of organizations in a partnership felt to be beneficial to individuals with chronic pain. Interviewees identified a number of important factors for success including a collaborative organizational culture, partnership champions in both organizations, and a quality improvement process that incorporates stakeholder feedback into the partnership's continued development. This paper concludes with a recommendation that public health partnerships with museums to address chronic pain may be feasible and of unique value to both health care providers and museum staff in furthering their respective organizations’ missions.

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