Coronary heart disease in women: Gender differences and effects of menopause

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Gender differences in coronary heart disease (CHD) are significant, not only with regard to mortality and morbidity but in the presentation, course, diagnosis, and treatment of CHD. To date, however, little research specific to women has been done. Until the results of ongoing and future studies become available, women and their physicians will have to rely on observational epidemiologic data to guide management decisions. While the current state of incomplete knowledge may make physicians uncomfortable about dealing with CHD in women, failure to act will only continue to result in the death of some 500,000 women annually. Therefore, it is incumbent on all healthcare professionals to reevaluate their approach to CHD in women and to place greater emphasis on more timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment. An understanding of gender differences in CHD, together with new data from current and future investigative studies, should lead to improved outcomes for women with CHD.

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