Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation in humans: Effects on fatty acid and glycerol kinetics

K. L. Zambell, W. F. Horn, N. L. Keim

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Recent studies with mouse adipocytes have shown that dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may reduce body fat by increasing lipolysis. The present study examined the effect of CLA supplementation on fatty acid and glycerol kinetics in six healthy, adult women who were participating in a controlled metabolic ward study. These women were fed six CLA capsules per day (3.9 g/d) for 64 d following a baseline period of 30 d. The subjects were confined to a metabolic suite for the entire 94-d study, where diet and activity were controlled and held constant. The rate of appearance (Ra) of glycerol, which indicates lipolytic rates, was similar at baseline and after 4 wk of CLA supplementation at rest (1.87±0.21 and 2.00±0.39 μmol/kg/min, respectively) and during exercise (7.12±0.74 and 6.40±0.99 μmol/kg/min, respectively). Likewise, the Ra of free fatty acids (FFA) was not significantly different after 4 wk of dietary CLA at rest (2.72±0.06 and 2.74±0.12 μmol/kg/min, respectively) or during exercise (6.99±0.40 and 5.88±0.29 μmol/kg/min, respectively). CLA supplementation also had no effect on the percentage of FFA released from lipolysis that were re-esterified. The apparent rate of FFA re-esterification was 65.2±4.2% at rest and 32.1±3.44% during exercise. Four weeks of CLA supplementation had no significant effect on fatty acid or glycerol metabolism in healthy, weight-stable, adult women.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 2001

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