Comparison of two sources of gonadotropin for estrus synchronization in does

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Two sources of gonadotropin, combined with norgestomet implants and cloprostenol, were compared to induce estrus in 137 lactating dairy goats during the period of transition from anestrus to estrus. Does received either reagent-grade PMSG or commercially available hCG/PMSG product labeled for use in swine. Of the does treated with hCG/PMSG, 63 or 70 (90%) became pregnant compared with 50 of 66 (76%) does treated with reagent- grade PMSG. The pregnancy rates were significantly associated with the source of gonadotropin (P=0.047). No difference in estrus response or litter size was detected; however, more does in the PMSG group appeared to have an extended interval from implant removal to breeding than did the hCG/PMSG- treated does. The results of this study indicate that the hCG/PMSG combination product is a satisfactory source of PMSG for extra-label use with norgestomet implants and cloprostenol to synchronize estrus in transitional period does.

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StatePublished - Jun 1996


  • estrus synchronization
  • goat
  • hCG
  • norgestomet
  • PMSG

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