Combined use of crushed cartilage and processed fascia lata for dorsal augmentation in rhinoplasty for asians

Yong Ju Jang, Hyung Min Song, Yeo Jun Yoon, Jonathan M Sykes

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Objectives/Hypothesis: Autologous dorsal nasal grafts have limitations including limited tissue availability, additional surgery time, donor site morbidity, a visible graft contour, and postoperative distortions and deformities owing to displacement and warping. This report describes our experience using combined Tutoplast-processed fascia lata (TPFL) and crushed cartilage for dorsal augmentation and contouring in rhinoplasty. Study Design: A retrospective clinical chart review. Methods: The study involved a total of 113 patients (68 male, 45 female), who underwent crushed cartilage-TPFL grafting to the nasal dorsum. Patient satisfaction was evaluated using a questionnaire. Photographs and postoperative histories were reviewed to assess complications including graft resorption, graft infection, warping, extrusion, irregularity, and postoperative deformity. Results: Different autologous grafts were used in combination with TPFL: septal cartilage in 70 cases (61.9%), septal cartilage and ethmoid bone in 17 cases (15.0%), costal cartilage in 15 cases (13.3%), and septal and conchal cartilage in 11 cases (9.7%). Of the 101 patients who responded to the questionnaire, 85.1% were satisfied with the surgical outcome. Complications were encountered in four patients (3.5%), comprising overcorrected dorsal augmentation in two patients, graft resorption in one patient, and dorsal irregularity in one patient. Eight patients (7.1%) required revision rhinoplasty due to dissatisfaction with the nasal tip shape (n=6), graft resorption (n=1) and overcorrected dorsal augmentation (n=1). Conclusions: The combined use of crushed cartilage and TPFL appears to be a useful technique for dorsal augmentation and contouring. This technique provides favorable and predictable outcomes in rhinoplasty.

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Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2009


  • Autologous cartilage
  • Dorsal augmentation
  • Processed fascia lata
  • Rhinoplasty

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