Collaboration Between Licensed Nurses and Certified Nurse Aides in the Nursing Home: A Mixed Methods Study

Cynthia Beynon, Katherine Supiano, Elena O. Siegel, Linda S. Edelman, Sara E. Hart, Connie Madden

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The current mixed methods study explored how nursing team collaboration is perceived and experienced in four nursing homes (NHs) in the western United States. Licensed nurses (LNs) and certified nurse aides (CNAs) completed two survey tools to assess their perception of collaboration and team-work in their current work environment. LNs and CNAs were paired and interviewed individually and as a caregiving pair to explore the lived experience of collaboration in NH residents' care. Quantitative survey results were analyzed, and participants reported a collaborative working environment with equally strong ratings in the following categories: partnership, cooperation, and coordination; they agreed with statements reflective of teamwork, including team structure, leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support, and communication. No significant differences were found between LN and CNA responses or between team members in any of the four participating facilities. Qualitative survey data were analyzed using a thematic analysis approach. Findings revealed five primary themes, including essential elements in successful team collaboration-perspective, coworker connection, communication, mutual support, and "it makes a difference"-and ways teamwork and collaboration impact resident care. These findings provide rich insights into successful LN/CNA collaboration for academic and clinical LN and CNA educators. [Research in Gerontological Nursing, 15(1), 16-26.].

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)16-26
Number of pages11
JournalResearch in Gerontological Nursing
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2022

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