Cassette-based digital mammography

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Over the past several years, digital mammography systems have been installed clinically across North America in small but growing numbers. A photostimulable phosphor-based full-field digital mammography image was evaluated in this investigation. Commonly known as computed radiography (CR), its use closely mimics the screen-film mammography paradigm. System performance using modulation transfer function (MTF) and detective quantum efficiency (DQE) metrics show MTF(2.5 mm-1) = 0.5, DQE(2.5 mm-1) = 0.3, and MTF(5.0 mm-1) = 0.2, DQE(5.0 mm-1) = 0.05, for a 26 KVp beam, 0.03 mm molybdenum tube filtration, 4.5 cm tissue attenuation, and 15 mR incident exposure to the detector. Slightly higher DQE values were measured at 32 kVp with 0.025 mm rhodium tube filtration. CR mammography advantages include the ability to use existing mammography machines, where multiple rooms can be converted to "digital" operation, which allows overall cost savings compared to integrated digital mammography systems. Chief disadvantages include the labor-intensive handling of the cassettes prior to and after the imaging exam, lack of a direct interface to the x-ray system for recording technique parameters, and relatively slow processing time. Clinical experience in an IRB-approved research trial has suggested that digital mammography with photostimulable storage phosphors and a dedicated CR reader is a viable alternative to conventional screen-film mammography.

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  • Digital mammography

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