Bibliographic searching tools on disease models to locate alternatives for animals in research: A website companion

Mary W. Wood, Lynette A Hart

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Nonvertebrate and vertebrate models are commonly used in research to study diseases that affect humans and animals and to clarify disease etiology and methods for disease prevention and treatment. The relevant information on models is published in a variety of resources and then indexed among free and proprietary databases. New searching tools specifically developed as a companion to this book can now be freely accessed at a designated website created as a companion for the Sourcebook of Models for Biomedical Research, where user-friendly searches can be executed at any time according to stored instructions, in a variety of databases pertaining to the relevant disease models. Some databases are freely available, such as PubMed, AGRICOLA, TOXLINE, and NCBI, as well as specialized resources such as FishBase and the JAX Mice Database. Other useful databases are proprietary, such as PsycInfo and Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts. The website can be accessed:

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StatePublished - 2008



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