Benign clavicular lesions that may mimic malignancy

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Nontraumatic lesions of the clavicle are infrequent. Of these, malignant tumors are more common than benign lesions. From January 1988 to January 1990, we examined 17 patients with benign lesions of the clavicle; in 8, the morphologic appearance of the lesion raised the possibility of malignancy in the differential diagnosis. The radiologic findings in these patients are presented. We propose that the unique shape and embryologic development of the clavicle may contribute to the atypical, aggressive presentation of some benign lesions in that bone.

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JournalSkeletal Radiology
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StatePublished - Apr 1991


  • Benign lesions
  • Clavicle
  • Pseudotumors

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