Avian Toxicology

Arya Sobhakumari, Robert H Poppenga, Snehal Tawde

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There are approximately 30 orders of birds in the Aves class, with approximately 2000 genera and 10,000 species. Obviously, such a large class of animals possesses a bewildering array of unique physiologic adaptations, behaviors, and ecologic niches that predispose them to potential intoxication from numerous natural and man-made toxicants in their environment. There is a large body of toxicologic information specific to birds because they occupy a prominent place in natural and altered ecosystems as research animals, as a food source, and as pets. Given the breadth of the topic, this chapter is not an exhaustive treatise but, it is hoped, provides an overview of major avian toxicologic hazards for pet and aviary birds, poultry and other farm-raised birds, and wild birds.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationVeterinary Toxicology
Subtitle of host publicationBasic and Clinical Principles: Third Edition
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StatePublished - Mar 5 2018


  • Avian toxicity
  • Veterinary toxicology

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