Asymptomatic bilateral external iliac vein aneurysms in a young athlete: Case report and literature review

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Iliac vein aneurysms are an exceedingly uncommon problem faced by vascular specialists. We report a case of a healthy 32 year old woman who had large asymptomatic bilateral external iliac vein aneurysms found incidentally on CT scan. They may present with thromboembolism, spontaneous rupture, or they may be asymptomatic. In evaluating these aneurysms, it is important to obtain volumetric imaging data that can be rendered in 3-dimensions and reconstructed in multiple planes. With our patient, it was the multiplanar reconstructions that best demonstrated the fusiform morphology of the aneurysms. Treatment for asymptomatic external iliac veins is controversial.

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  • iliac vein
  • venous aneurysm
  • venous anomaly

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