Assessment of Capacity to Meet Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Indicators in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Jamie Anderson, Aliyu Baba Ndajiwo, Susuti Aaron Nuhu, Olubunmi Aiyedun Lawal, Joseph O. Amedu, Emmanuel A. Ameh

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Background: This is a baseline assessment of surgical capacity in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in preparation for the creation of a National Surgical, Obstetric, Anesthesia, and Nursing Plan. Methods: In October 2017, all 10 of the 11 secondary hospitals in FCT that provide surgical and/or obstetric care were surveyed using a modified World Health Organization Hospital Assessment Tool and a qualitative semi-structured hospital interview tool of the medical Director (MdD). This project received approval from the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health and the FCT Department of Health and Human Services. Results: The number of inpatient beds ranged from 35 to 140, and the number of admissions ranged from 1200 to 6400 patients per year. The mean number of surgeries performed in 2016 by these hospitals was 783 (range 235–1601). Cesarean section was the most common surgical procedure at each hospital. Only five hospitals regularly performed laparotomies. Only three hospitals regularly performed fixation of open fractures. Of 152 surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia providers, all hospitals had at least one consultant obstetrician, but only four hospitals had a general surgeon and three hospitals had a consultant anesthesiologist. Deficient physical space for inpatient admissions was the most common concern of MdDs. Conclusions: The FCT reaches the target for 2-h access, with 80% of patients (on average) reaching the hospital within 2 h. However, SAO provider density, surgical volume, and tracking of the perioperative mortality rate were low. Data were lacking to comment on protection against impoverishing and catastrophic expenditures.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalWorld Journal of Surgery
StateAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2018

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