An antioxidant-fortified energy bar can reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress

L. M. Camplen, K. L. Olin, H. H. Schmilz, L. A. Applegate, J. B. German, J. D. Shaffrath, C. Emenhiser, S. J. Schwanz, Carl L Keen

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Using a double-blind, cross-over design, we examined the effect of the consumption of an antioxidant-forrified energy bar on select components of the oxidative defense system and indices of oxidative damage in male subjects engaged in strenuous exercise. Sixteen men, 19-34 y of age, running 20-25 miles/wk, consumed 2 bars/d of either a fortified-energy bar (F-Bar) or a non-fortified bar (NF-Bar) for 6 wk followed by an 8 wk washout period and a subsequent cross-over for an additional 6 wk. The bars were identical in macronutrient content, taste and appearance except that the F-Bar was fortified with ascorbic acid (94 mg), a-tocopherol acetate (43 mg), a mixture of a- and -carotene (7.4 mg), and curcumin (50 mg). At the beginning and end of each new treatment, subjects performed a treadmill test consisting of a 30 min run at 80% VÖ2 max, followed by a continuous ramp to exhaustion within 5 min. Consumption of the F-Bar resulted in increased plasma levels of antioxidants e.g. a-tocopherol, ascorbic acid and carotenes. Plasma ascorbic acid levels further increased immediately after exercise at all testing weeks and returned to pre-exercise levels by 24 h. a-Tocopherol levels increased as a result of exercise in subjects consuming the F-Bar, but not the NF-Bar. The consumption of the F-Bar was functionally significant in enhancing oxidative defense as evidenced by a reduction in exercise-induced increases in RBC and plasma SOD activities, in plasma TBARS and carbonyls, and LDL oxidation. These results suggest that the consumption of antioxidant-fortified foods can benefit individuals engaged in strenuous exercise.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1996

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