A possible mechanism by which dietary fat can alter tumorigenesis: Lipid modulation of macrophage function

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It has been known for at least 20 years that fatty acids can alter immune functions in vitro. More recently we have begun to understand the role that dietary fats play in immunity and specifically how they may alter macrophage function. In the future it will be important not simply to redefine that fatty acids can alter select macrophage functions but to understand the mechanisms by which that occurs. Whether the same or different mechanisms are operational for those functions that are altered by dietary fat remains to be determined. Nevertheless, tumoricidal responses can be modified depending on the fatty acids in the diet. Hopefully, these recent observations will expand our understanding of how lipids regulate macrophage tumoricidal function and thus, might lead to new insights of how dietary fat may be manipulated to affect breast tumor regression.

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JournalAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
StatePublished - 1994


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