A novel bocavirus in canine liver

Linlin Li, Patricia Pesavento, Christian M. Leutenegger, Marko Estrada, Lark L Schneider, Samia N. Naccache, Erik Samayoa, Charles Chiu, Jianming Qiu, Chunlin Wang, Xutao Deng, Eric Delwart

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Background: Bocaviruses are classified as a genus within the Parvoviridae family of single-stranded DNA viruses and are pathogenic in some mammalian species. Two species have been previously reported in dogs, minute virus of canines (MVC), associated with neonatal diseases and fertility disorders; and Canine bocavirus (CBoV), associated with respiratory disease. Findings. In this study using deep sequencing of enriched viral particles from the liver of a dog with severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, necrotizing vasculitis, granulomatous lymphadenitis and anuric renal failure, we identified and characterized a novel bocavirus we named Canine bocavirus 3 (CnBoV3). The three major ORFs of CnBoV3 (NS1, NP1 and VP1) shared less than 60% aa identity with those of other bocaviruses qualifying it as a novel species based on ICTV criteria. Inverse PCR showed the presence of concatemerized or circular forms of the genome in liver. Conclusions: We genetically characterized a bocavirus in a dog liver that is highly distinct from prior canine bocaviruses found in respiratory and fecal samples. Its role in this animal's complex disease remains to be determined.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number54
JournalVirology Journal
StatePublished - 2013


  • Canine bocavirus 3
  • Coinfection
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