14. Serial evaluation of the effect of hormonal therapy on urinary function in men receiving 3D conformai radiation therapy for prostate cancer

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Purpose: We evaluated the effect of 3D conformai radiation therapy (3DCRT) on urinary function (UF) in prostate cancer patients whose urinary function scores were known prior to treatment in two groups of patients: those who had received hormonal therapy (HT) prior to radiation treatment, and those who did not receive any HT. Materials and Methods: Between September 1996 and November 2000, 86 patients received 3DCRT for prostate cancer and had UF data available both before and after treatment. All data was collected serially using a AUA/I-PSS Urological Symptom Survey, a validated, self-administered, validated instrument. Hormonal therapy consisted of 3 to 6 months of an LH RH agonist with or without an anti-androgen. The Wilcoxon rank sum tests as well as linear regression analysis were used to determine statistical significance. Results: Before 3-D CRT (median dose = 70 Gy), 30 patients (3 men excluded because of HT lasting 6 months.) that had received hormonal therapy had a significantly higher baseline AUA score than the 53 men receiving 3D CRT alone (10.7 vs.6.4, pO.Ol). At first follow-up and lyear follow-up visits, there were no significant declines in AUA scores. In comparing the relative change in scores between the two groups, we carried out linear regression analysis controlling for differing follow-up intervals. After adjusting for baseline score, volume, and dose, the slope of scores was not significantly different (-0.38 and -0.39 |P = 0.9] for 3D CRT alone group and HT group, respectively). Conclusion: Prior to any treatment, men receiving HT with 3D CRT tended to have significantly higher AUA symptom scores at baseline. After controlling for confounding factors, HT did not appear to influence post-treatment urinary function as compared to men receiving 3D CRT alone. These data suggest that HT does not contribute to additional urinary toxicity.

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