• Rice, Robert H (PI)

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This project involves cultivation of cells derived from normal and abnormal
female lower genital tract epithelia. The cells are serially passaged with
support from feeder layers of lethally irradiated mouse 3T3 cells (the
Rheinwald-Green system). The overall objectives for this culture system are
two-fold: to study the growth and differentiation of the epithelial cells and to
investigate the etiology and progression of cervical carcinoma. So far, our
results on optimizing the growth of normal cells by varying concentration of
factors such as hydrocortisone, cholera toxin, epidermal growth factor as well
as feeder layer density and cell type are consistent with a recent report that
the cells grow well (Stanley and Parkinson (1979) Int. J. Cancer 24:407). Human
cervical cells at varying stages of dysplasia or carcinoma will be propagated
and examined for dependence upon growth factors and feeder support and for
expression of differentiated character (keratins, cross-linked envelopes,
cytochrome P450, estrogen receptors). In addition to permitting
characterization of the cellular differentiation and possibly mechanisms of
tumor progression, the results of this work may also indicate to what extent
keratinocytes from different anatomical locations (epidermis, cervix) differ in
Effective start/end date6/1/8311/30/87


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