• Siegel, David (PI)
  • Hulley, Stephen B. (PI)
  • Coates, Thomas J. (PI)
  • Marin, Barbara (PI)
  • Hearst, Norman (PI)
  • [No Value], Philip R. (PI)
  • Boyce, W. Thomas (PI)
  • Chesney, Margaret (PI)
  • Bernard, Lo (PI)
  • Reznick, Olga (PI)
  • Sanstad, Katherine (PI)

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This proposal for a Substance Abuse and Mental Health in AIDS Center (SAMHA
Center) joins the three major groups of health professionals in the San
Francisco area working on these aspects of AIDS: o academic researchers at the University of California, San Francisco
(UCSF) and Berkeley o county health officials at the San Francisco Department of Public Health
(SFDPH), and o minority health professionals assembled by the Bayview-Hunter's Point
Foundation. The goal of the SAMHA Center is to create a working environment in which
internationally known scientists from these organizations can benefit from
a pooling of knowledge, skills, and community activities. This is already
happening; the process of creating this proposal has spawned new
collaborations among professionals, many of whom had not met when we began. The particular focus of the Center is on developing and testing preventive
interventions, and on formulating and disseminating health policy
guidelines. We have developed new studies in four major research areas:
Psychosocial Research, Third World Issues Research, Substance Abuse
Research, and Mental Health & Ethics Research. A Core Facility will
operate Executive and Steering Committees that govern the Center, create a
Community Forum on Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues, and coordinate
technical assistance components. Some particular strengths of our Center
are: o the access to health care programs provided by the SFDPH, o the access to community populations provided by third world health
professionals, o the use of existing UCSF programs to enhance the scientific quality of
the research, o the use of existing UCSF programs to formulate and disseminate health
policy to 22 US cities. We will use this ADAMHA grant as seed money, combining it with resources
and support contributed by the sponsoring institutions, to organize a large
set of activities that would not take place in the absence of this grant.
We will use the resources of this grant to attract other health
professionals and sources of support for multidisciplinary research on the
mental health and substance abuse aspects of the AIDS epidemic.
Effective start/end date9/25/868/31/02


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