• Schwartzkroin, Philip A (PI)
  • Tassone, Flora (PI)
  • Garden, Gwenn (PI)
  • La Spada, Albert (PI)
  • Spieker, Susan Joan (PI)
  • Farrell, Donald (PI)
  • Kucewicz, John (PI)
  • Burbacher, Thomas (PI)
  • Chance, Phillip Frazier (PI)
  • Maravilla, Kenneth (PI)
  • Guralnick, Michael (PI)
  • Kucewicz, John (PI)
  • Morris, David (PI)
  • Beach, Kirk (PI)
  • Laird, Charles (PI)
  • Greenough, William (PI)
  • Tapscott, Stephen J. (PI)
  • Dawson, Geraldine (PI)
  • Owen, Greg (PI)
  • Moritz, William (PI)
  • Ruppenthal, Gerald (PI)
  • Scott, Ronald (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This application requests continued core support in the areas of administration
and common support activities for the Child Development and Mental Retardation
Center of the University of Washington. The mission of the Center is to conduct
a coordinated, broad-based, multidisciplinary program of research and training
in the area of mental retardation and related aspects of human development. The
broad goals of the Center are: 1) to work toward the prevention of mental
retardation and related problems of human development; 2) to improve the quality
of life for mentally retarded and similarly handicapped children; 3) to help
insure that adequate numbers of specialists are available to conduct research,
train specialists, and deliver services necessary to prevent mental retardation
and improve the quality of life for mentally retarded and handicapped children;
and 4) to develop exemplary professional services which can be demonstrated in
training and research programs for mentally retarded and similarly handicapped
children. Specific research goals include contributing to the further
understanding of mental retardation by expanding scientific knowledge of
biological and behavioral development; and translating research findings
promptly into better programs for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and
habilitation of mentally retarded and similarly handicapped children.
Effective start/end date9/1/776/30/14


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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