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Stroke is the third leading cause of death and a major contributor to
disability, particularly in the elderly. Prevention os stroke through risk
factor identification and modification continues to be the key mechanism to
reducing the incidence of stroke and the burden of resultant disability.
The major objective of this proposal is to extend the study of precursors,
manifestations and outcome of stroke in the original Framingham Study cohor
and to expand the population to include the Framingham Offspring cohort, wh
are now predominantly middle-aged and entered into the Framingham Study
twenty years after the original cohort. The specific aims of this study ar
to relate measured risk factors to the development of symptomatic
cerebrovascular disease, to identify secular trends in incidence, prevalenc
and case-fatality from stroke, and to document outcome following stroke
including neurologic deficits, functional disability and
institutionalization, stroke recurrence and other atherosclerotic
comorbidity. In particular, the role of stroke as a precursor of dementia
and depression will be examined and correlated with MRI imaging. Over the next five years we will identify all new incident cases in the
Framingham Study, evaluate and follow each new event over a two year period
and analyze current and previously collected risk factor data on stroke
cases to the general population sample as a means to determine independent
contributors to stroke. In addition to characterization and verification o
stroke by type, obtaining MR-scans in cases and matched control will enable
us to explore the relationship of stroke and MR-defined clinically
unapparent cerebral lesions to the decline in cognitive function and the
development of dementia and of depression. There will be definitive
analysis of the relation of repeated measurements of cognitive function,
stroke risk factors and incidence of stroke to the development of dementia
and depression. Lastly, examination of noninvasive carotid and cardiac
functional measures will be related to subsequent occurrence, type and
severity of stroke.
Effective start/end date12/1/812/28/21


  • National Institutes of Health: $861,530.00


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