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This grant provides the vehicle through which medical, radiation, surgical
oncologists and pathologists at the University of California School of
Medicine, Davis, and the University of California Davis Medical Center,
Sacramento participate in activities of the Northern California Oncology
Group, a national cooperative cancer study group. In total, members from
some ten departments in the School of Medicine are actively engaged in NCOG
activities which include: participation in disease and modality oriented
committees, protocol development, patient assessment, protocol entry,
pathology review, protocol monitoring, and study publication. It is
anticipated that upwards of 100 patients per year will be admitted to NCOG
studies from UC Davis. Participation in specific NCOG activities include:
1) case entry for Phase II and III protocols of NCOG, 2) past chairman of
the following committees--Chemotherapy, Lung, Gynecology and Hematology,
and 3) participation in all specific disease and modality committees of
NCOG. Several NCOG protocols, abstracts, and papers have been authored by
members of the UCD faculty. In addition, pathologists from UC Davis serve
as members of the central pathology review for leukemia, breast cancer and
gastrointestinal neoplasms.
Effective start/end date8/1/837/31/87


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