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We have been able to show that the proliferation and
differentiation of lens epithelial cells in vitro is radically affected
by the nature of the substratum onto which they are seeded. We
are proposing delineate which components of the substratum exert
regulatory effects on lens cell differentiation and proliferation by
systematic variation of cell substrata, and analysis of the effects
of substrata on de novo synthesis of the biomatrix. We propose also to produce monoclonal antibodies to lens
epithelial cell membrane proteins, for use in the study of 1) the
potential for preventing secondary cataracts using cytolytic-
antibody conjugates, 2) the exploration of basic problems in the
expression of membrane proteins which are specific to the lens
epithelium, and 3) the characterization of epithelial cell culture
systems for their validity in the study of lens epithelial cell
biology. Thirdly, we are proposing to develop monoclonal antibodies to lens
fiber cell membranes, to: 1) continue studies on the role of the
MIP in lens gap junctions, 2) explore the role of the recently
described MP 70 in lens gap junctions, 3) microelectrode inject
antibodies to these proteins into living cultured lens cells, and 4)
immunocytochemically characterize fiber cell proteins for their
involvement in fiber cell membrane domains such as ball-and-
socket joints, sutures, capsular attachments, etc. Finally, all monoclonal antibodies which are generated in the
course of this proposal will be tested for their cross-reactivity
against human lenses. Positive hybridomas will be expanded,
characterized, and frozen for subsequent distribution to
interested lens investigators.
Effective start/end date7/1/8110/7/92


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