• Stephensen, Charles Bolt (PI)
  • Schoeb, Trenton (PI)
  • Wood, Philip (PI)
  • Casebolt, Donald (PI)
  • Davidson, Maureen (PI)
  • Baker, Henry J. (PI)
  • Lindsey, J. Russell (PI)

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Progress in biomedical science is closely linked to animal research as
evidenced by the fact that about half of all research programs funded by
the NIH use animals. Despite major advances made in the use of laboratory
animals in recent decades, numerous problems remain. In keeping with its
established tradition, this program has as its primary aim research
investigations to solve problems affecting the use of animals in research,
particularly problems concerning infectious diseases and new animal model
discovery/development. Additionally, the program seeks (i) to improve the
quality of animal research locally and nationally through the dissemination
and application of research findings, and (ii) to encourage educational and
training opportunities for veterinary students, veterinarians, graduate
students, investigators and technical personnel. The present proposal identifies a number of important and highly relevant
research animal problems and outlines the methods to be used in their
solution by a dedicated, multidisciplinary research team. Initially,
emphasis will be given to 5 major projects: (i) Prevalence and Importance
of Cilia Associated Respiratory Bacillus (CARB) in Rats and Mice, (ii)
Derivation of a Mycoplasma-Free F344 Rat Stock, (iii) Detection of
Coronaviruses by Nuclei Acid Hybridization Assay, (iv) A Reproducible Model
of Reye Syndrome, and (v) Molecular Genetic Monitoring of Inbred Strains of
Mice. When a project in this group is completed or awarded separate
support in the future, it will be replaced by another highly relevant and
important study as judged by our faculty. A modest component of the
program will continue to be diagnostic problem solving, an indispensable
tool for identifying and solving animal health problems.
Effective start/end date12/1/8011/30/95


  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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