• Luciw, Paul A (PI)
  • Hendrickx, Andrew (PI)
  • Carlson, James (PI)
  • Hinrichs, Steven (PI)
  • Hendricks, Andrew (PI)
  • Gardner, Murray Briggs (PI)

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Investigators in the Medical and Veterinary Schools and Primate
Center at University of California, Davis (UCD) have forced a
Cooperative Group for research on AIDS in human and AIDS-like
disease in animals. This multidisciplinary group now consists of
15 Principal Investigators and a funding base of approximately
4M/year primarily from 37 grants from NIH and the State of
California. The intention of the Group is to become in about 2
years an independent, organized Center for AIDS Research and
Vaccinology within the University of California system. The
overall research goals of the Group are to understand the natural
history and pathogenesis of simian, feline and human AIDS and to
use these models for development of effective retroviral therapies
and vaccines. In the near future we plan to continue research on
SRV, SIV and FILV induced immunosuppression, to integrate our basic
and clinical HIV research efforts, to continue our SIV and HIV
vaccine efforts and to develop new programs in SIV cellular
immunology and HIV/SIV transgenic mice. This CFAR application consists of an Administration Unit three core
components, A) Clinical Virology, B) Primate Center, C) Molecular
Virology and two discretionary/developmental areas, 1) HIV/SIV
transgenic mice and 2) SIV Cellular Immunology.
Effective start/end date9/30/888/31/94


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  • Medicine(all)
  • Immunology and Microbiology(all)


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