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The epidermis undergoes striking morphologic and biochemical changes in the
course of maturation of the basal cell to the dead squame of the stratum
corneum. The factors controlling the orderly progression of the events are
largely unknown. This proposal seeks to determine whether membrane
essential fatty acids (FAs) are critical for maintaining normal epidermal
biology, and whether alterations in keratinocyte membrane FA constituents
can induce a transition from the proliferative to the differentiative
state. We will analyze the membrane FA composition of mouse keratinocytes
cultivated under conditions which favor either continued proliferation or
terminal differentiation. In a parallel approach, we will cultivate
keratinocytes in lipid-free media enriched with specific FAs, and correlate
morphologic and biochemical markers of differentiation and proliferation to
the FA membrane composition. In this way we will be able to determine
which FAs can induce differentiation and which proliferation. The PI
candidate has worked previously investigating the modulation of
keratinocyte plasminogen activator (PA) in differentiating mouse
keratinocytes. She has become proficient in keratinocyte culture and in
the techniques of evaluating keratinocyte differentiation. These include
quantification of squame formation and nuclear dissolution, PAGE analysis
of keratins, immunofluorescent analysis of keratinous cytoskeleton, and
assays of cell-associated PA activity. Many of the proposed studies will
be carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Vincent A. Ziboh, a lipid and
prostaglandin biochemist of world repute, whose work has elucidated the
pathways of lipid metabolism and prostaglandin biosynthesis in the skin.
Effective start/end date7/1/836/30/86


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