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Epilepsy research at the University of Washington has a long
history. The studies have had a strong clinical, as well as basic
science orientation. This Program Project application represents
the continuing efforts of a large group of investigators to study
basic mechanisms underlying epileptiform phenomena. A pervading theme of the Project is the examination of if, and
how the mechanisms of epileptiform activity studied in animal
models elucidate underlying processes in the human epileptic
focus. Many of the Program Project investigators will use in
vitro techniques to examine properties of chronic epileptic foci
in two animal models - the kainate-treated rat and the alumina
gel-treated monkey - in order to compare properties of those
tissues to the properties of tissue removed from human epileptic
brain during surgical resections for intractable seizure. Among
this group are the studies on, 1) structure and function of Na,K-
ATPase, 2) receptor binding studies of excitatory and inhibitory
amino acid neurotransmitters, 3) electrophysiological properties
and morphological correlates of epileptic neurons, and 4)
dihydropyridine-binding calcium channels. Supplementing these
experiments are the studies on the human epileptic brain itself
(single unit activity in the epileptic focus, and
electrophysiological correlates of attention in patients with
epilepsy). Another major theme of the Program Project is the
involvement of calcium and calcium-related processes in
generation of epileptiform activity. We will use
electrophysiological analyses to seek functional correlates of the
calcium channel studies will carry out electromicroscopic
examination of intracellular calcium distribution; and will
examine the effects of organic calcium channel blockers as
anticonvulsant agents.
Effective start/end date7/1/846/30/93


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