Conference on Migrant Labor and Global Health: Demographic, Occupational and Economic Factors

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Project Summary/ Abstract:This application seeks support to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists for the ConferenceMigrant Labor and Global Health: Demographic, Occupational and Economic Factors. This conference aims toprovide a platform for discussion of interrelated issues of occupational health, labor migration, and economicsfrom a cross-disciplinary perspective. There are over 230 million international migrants (750 including internalmigrants) worldwide, the majority of whom move in search of work. Globally, immigrants face a range of healthdisparities and barriers to social and economic integration, but there are few coordinated efforts to seeksolutions to these problems. Evidence from North America, Europe, Latin America and other regions supportthe need for a cross sector and multi-level approach to improve the health of this working population, one thataccounts for the unique labor, economic and social issues that interact as determinants of immigrant health.This conference will bring together an international group of scientists and stakeholders from occupationalhealth, labor migration, economics, policy and others to share international experiences and best practices,and to stimulate discussion of a joint approach to promote and protect the health of immigrant workers. Theconference will include a mix of plenary, keynote and panel sessions. Sessions and speakers will inform apolicy brief and post-conference briefing that includes recommendations to support immigrant worker health inthe Unites States. Together with other initiatives, this conference will support better understanding of the socialand cultural dimensions of labor migration and worker health. It will introduce to participants approaches thatconsider language, literacy and cultural differences among working populations. It will also support greaterfocus on immigrant worker health at the level of national policy and in international initiatives.
Effective start/end date8/1/167/31/17


  • National Institutes of Health: $20,000.00


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