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Ozone and acid fog and acid rain (including sulfuric acid aerosols)
are of major public health concern, in part because they are
capable of producing measurable transient effects on the lungs of
susceptible subjects, at concentrations which can occur in
ambient pollutant episodes, and in part because they may act
synergistically to produce effects on the lung greater than that
produced by individual exposures. Knowledge concerning the
possible deleterious effects of ozone-acid synargisms on the
respiratory tract is still extremely meager. A sheep model
system is proposed to examine the synergistic effect between
ozone and respirable-sized sulfuric acid aerosols. In the current
study we will use a multidisciplinary approach designed to
evaluate the effects of ozone, acid aerosol, and their
combination, on respiratory tract epithelial and endothelial
permeability. Bronchoalveolar clearance of 99mTc-DTPA
radioaersol from the lung will be used to determine epithelial
permeability and results obtained will be compared to
appearances of protein, lysosomal enzymes and cells in
bronchoalveolar lavage carried out via a standard methodology.
Sheep lung lymph will obtained to evaluate endothelial
permeability and possible clearances of 99mTc-DTPA via lung
lymphatics. Finally, in a separate series of sheep exposed to an
identical protocol of ozone, acid aerosol or combined ozone-acid
aerosol, airway blood flow will be continuously monitored using a
Doppler flowmeter-telemetry system. Changes in airway blood
flow are expected to provide an index of neurogenic or mediator-
related events occurring in airway interstitium and which would
be expected to effect airway smooth muscle as well as airway
microvasculature. In subsequent years we plan to specifically
examine for the role(s) of oxy radical productions (and other
potential mediators) on this synergism via uses of various infused
and aerosolized quenching agents and radical scavengers as in vivo
Effective start/end date9/1/878/31/90


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