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Tracking Number: GRANT00427098
This application requests support for a 20th Anniversary Scientific Conference of the California
Association of Regional Cancer Registries (CARCR)/California Cancer Registry (CCR), to be
held October 2008 in conjunction with CCR 20th Anniversary activities. The California Cancer Registry (CCR) is California's statewide population-based cancer
surveillance system. Since 1988 the CCR has collected information about all cancers diagnosed
in residents of California This information is critical to our understanding of cancer and is used
to develop strategies and policies for its prevention, treatment and control. The availability of
data on cancer in the state allows health researchers to analyze geographic, ethnic, occupational
and other differences that provide clues that point to risk factors and critical control paths. These
data determine where early detection, educational or other programs should be directed. The CCR has proven to be the cornerstone of a substantial amount of cancer research in
the California population. The success lies in collaboration amongst investigators at key
institutions throughout the State. The California Association of Regional Cancer Registries
(CARCR) is an organization composed of members of the regional registries that make up the
statewide CCR. One of its primary missions is to facilitate cancer research using CCR data and
encourage collaboration among regional registry epidemiologists.
The overall purpose of this conference is to: " provide a forum to present the findings of recent surveillance research utilizing data from the California Cancer Registry; " promote scientific collaboration to further outstanding cancer surveillance research and cancer control " promote the communication and dissemination of cancer registry surveillance research; " provide a forum for junior investigators and students to present research results.
The objectives of the conference are: " To share research results and encourage use of CCR data for research " To learn to work more productively with the media to communicate the science to the public and policy makers " To further improve the quality of the state registry through use of data for research and by involving registry staff in registry based research
By holding this conference in Sacramento in connection with the CCR's 20th anniversary
celebration, we hope to target state legislators and cancer registrars as well as California cancer
researchers, junior investigators and students.
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Tracking Number: GRANT00427098
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